Building Reputations Since 1980

Responsive & Responsible, Timely & Dependable!

Sunset Builders Inc. has the character, integrity and reputation you are looking for!  We have proven key strategies to bid and build your commercial, retail, industrial or medical visions in the form of a new building or a tenant improvement in an existing space on schedule. 

In 1980 Sunset Builders was born!  President Frank Knott, who began the company in the residential market, moved the focus of the company to commercial renovation.  It has since grown in both size and scope, continuing to also build its reputation as a leader in the industry.  

Sunset Builders Inc. secret to success is simple:  meet client needs, and do so with efficiency and integrity.  It’s not as simple as it sounds, but the company’s success is testimony to its dedication to these core values.  This has been the standard since the beginning, resulting in numerous clients returning to Sunset Builders Inc. time and time again.  We believe that a company’s good reputation never stands still:  it continues to build not on what it’s done, but what it is doing.

We invite you to become a part of this experience whether you are in a growth spurt or are downsizing in the current economy.  We are certain you, like our other valued clients, will get exactly what you want…and more.